Enjoy European Poultry!

Sonia Peronaci

Sonia Peronaci took her first steps in her grandmother’s kitchen and in her father’s restaurant, where she observed and received her first instructions behind the stoves. In 2006 she decides to explore the online world and founds, which soon becomes one of the most visited and famous cooking websites in Italy and beyond. In 2015 she starts out a new adventure with, a project that also includes the creation of “Sonia Factory”, a multifunctional space in Milan created to give voice to her universe. Apart from being an author of books, Sonia has entered into Italians’ homes through various TV shows and a broad social media community.
With our poultry meat, Sonia suggests simple but original recipes to enjoy with the whole family.

Enjoy European Poultry!

Guido Waterman

Guido Waterman is ambassador for the poultry sector campaign in the Netherlands. Passion for cooking is in his blood and after various cookery courses he now puts this passion into practice. Together with his wife, he owns several restaurants, where they are happy to share their enthusiasm with their visitors. He also regularly inspires the Dutch people with tasty and surprising chicken recipes on
And his favourite chicken dish? Genuine, original, Portuguese chicken Piri Piri; straight from a charcoal fire.

Enjoy European Poultry!

Sebastian Krauzowicz

Sebastian Krauzowicz: Campaign ambassador, chef, trainer leading the Poland National Culinary Team OSSKIC

„Poultry is one of the most common meats. I use them with pleasure both when preparing meals at home and at work. Often we associate poultry meat only with the preparation of Sunday broth and roasted chicken. However, poultry meat is worth starting to experiment with. Good-quality poultry can be used to make tasty and wholesome meals. Following the principle of zero waste, using a whole chicken, you can for example make : a nice piece of meat, nutritious soup, stew or meatballs in your own sauce. However, we should remember that the poultry we buy should be of good quality. Let’s buy it from proven suppliers.

Enjoy European Poultry!

Cristina Catese

Cristina Catese: Campaign Ambassador, Chef at Whirlpool Culinary Academy

„Poultry meat is above all versatile and I like it for that! You can prepare both simple and more sophisticated dishes of poultry. Each of us remembers the taste of a delicious home-made chicken or chicken broth cooked by your grandma or mother. However, let’s not limit ourselves only to tradition. Let’s experiment! Good quality poultry can be used to prepare both modern snacks and light trendy dishes. If we’re busy, we’ll cook a quick and nutritious meal in ten minutes. When buying poultry meat, pay attention to the expiry date, origin and proven producers. Let’s read the labels! Remember that in cooking, the quality of the products we use is important. And quality poultry meat is not expensive at all. That’s why I choose European high-quality poultry!”

Enjoy European Poultry!

Maciej Nowicki

Maciej Nowicki: Campaign expert, chef at the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace in Warsaw

“Poultry has been with us for centuries. It has always held the most important place in Polish culinary culture. Where does it come from? It was a common belief that the bird was closer to Heaven when it was flying – something undefined. Thus, when analyzing the culinary tradition, the wealth of recipes for domestic and wild birds do amaze and surprise us. As early as 300 years ago, all the culinary parts of the poultry were served on the tables. From whole roasted birds, served with fruit and decorated with peacock feathers, to the use of wings, neck or giblets. The first recipe on the Compendium Ferculorum cards is a recipe for Polish broth with rosemary and lime juice. Often, however, in everyday cooking we forget that Sunday roast chicken dinner is not all that poultry has to offer. As proof : the recipe for poultry in wine with basil.”