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Manure is valuable

For sure, there is no shortage of manure in the broiler sector. To put it even more strongly, chicken poo and the litter from the barn are a great source of energy! A large proportion of all chicken manure is converted into energy and minerals. This takes place at the BMC Moerdijk power station, which generates enough electricity each year for a city the size of Den Bosch (around 150,000 inhabitants).
Research by CE Delft, an independent consultancy that specialises in sustainability issues, shows that this method of using poultry manure is also better for the environment. Thanks to the energy generated, the manure helps to reduce CO2 emissions every year by preventing electricity from having to be produced using coal and/or gas. Ammonia emissions are also reduced.
The minerals phosphate and potassium are retained during processing, which is important as they are very useful for growing fruit and vegetables. The ash that remains is sold as chemical fertiliser and goes to areas where there is a high demand for phosphate and potassium, such as northern France.
Dick Schieven: “With my company, I am part of a cooperative of poultry farmers who jointly supply the manure for this plant. So even our cooperation is organised on a sustainable basis. That feels good, it gives us all energy!”

“We convert chicken manure into energy. Each year, the chicken sector generates enough electricity for a city the size of Den Bosch.”
Dick Schieven